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We now carry all generator sizes from 5 kW portables for under $500 up to 500 kW diesel industrial size units. Of course, most bus conversions use 8 to 12 Kw diesel generators.


Briggs and Stratton



14 HP
16 HP
18 HP
21 HP
23 HP

Vanguard engines offer the reliability, durability and performance to put them at the top of the commercial engine category. Their quick, easy starts and smooth, powerful operation make them popular on the toughest of commercial applications.

Overhead Valve Design Cooler, cleaner and more efficient operation. More HP output with less displacement. Less carbon build-up, longer valve life and improved fuel economy
Dura-Bore Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves Withstand wear and abuse while providing improved oil control
Pressure Lubrication with Spin-On Oil Filter Keeps oil clean and extends time between oil changes for long engine life.
Dual Clean™ Air Cleaner Pleated paper filter with a foam pre-cleaner ensures maximum protection for longer engine life
Heavy-Duty Bearing High performance bearing is self-lubricating and replaceable
Full Length Replaceable Valve Guides and Seals Extended valve life and lower oil consumption
High Flow Cooling Package Lower engine and oil operating temperatures to extend engine life
Sound Treatment Package Laminated poly core blower housing Phase-modulated flywheel fins Acoustically contoured crankcase Lo-tone muffler Exceptionally quiet operation
Mechanical Governor Additional power under heavy conditions
Magnetron® Electronic Ignition Quick, dependable starts with no maintenance required
Mechanical Compression Release Smooth, easy starts and instant return to maximum power after starting


23.5 HP
31 HP

Vanguard 3/LC is the liquid cooled extension of Briggs and Stratton's line of premium air-cooled Vanguard engines. When you have a really tough commercial engine application standards, your choice is simple: The Vanguard 3/LC is the answer, Gas or diesel, LP or NG.

Lightweight Design Reduces soil compaction Eases portability
Engine Interchangeability All engines fit the same envelope Identical PTO and mounting dimensions All engines use identical accessories
Parts Commonality Similar designs mean reduced number of parts
Compact Size Maximum power in small package The market's most compact engine
Liquid Cooling Cleaner combustion Easily meets emission regulation
Cast Iron Block Dampens noise
Longevity Industrial engines, no automotive derivative
Balance Exceptionlly well balanced for low vibration
Multi Fuel Conversion to LP,NG or Dual operation optional.