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We now carry all generator sizes from 5 kW portables for under $500 up to 500 kW diesel industrial size units. Of course, most bus conversions use 8 to 12 Kw diesel generators.


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Isuzu diesel engines

Below is technical information for those of you who like to research thoroughly. I think you'll agree that Isuzu is one of the better choices in the small diesel engine industry.

For industrial applications, Isuzu offers more than 30 models with power outputs ranging from 15 to over 300 hp. Isuzu's reputation for building reliable engines is legendary. Isuzu is known for innovative technologies that make diesel engines quieter, more efficient and cleaner burning. No wonder more than 10 million Isuzu engines have been sold worldwide to a wide variety of major equipment manufacturers.

Power graph of Isuzu engines


Isuzu 4LE1 diesel engine

L Series - Compact, light-weight, 3 and 4-cylinder engines with rated power of 15 - 54 hp. Quieter, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly, they offer breakthroughs in efficiency and performance.

(spec sheets open in a new window)
3LB1 industrial diesel engine
3LB1 open power unit
3LD1 industrial diesel engine
3LD1 open power unit
4LC1 industrial diesel engine
4LC1 power unit
4LE1 industrial diesel engine
4LE1 power unit
4LE1PV industrial diesel engine

Isuzu C240 diesel engine

C Series - These workhorse engines deliver proven durability and reliable, low maintenance operation for a variety of industrial applications. Rated power from 32 hp up to 56 hp.
(spec sheets open in a new window)
C240 industrial diesel engine
C240 open power unit

Isuzu 4JB1 diesel engine

4J Series - 2.8 liter, 4-cylinder engines utilizing direct injection technology for enhanced fuel economy, greater output and easier starting. Available naturally aspirated and turbocharged. Power ranges from 39 - 85 hp.
(spec sheets open in a new window)
4JB1 industrial diesel engine
4JB1 open power unit

Isuzu 4BG1T diesel engine

BG Series - Featuring direct-injection technology, these 4 and 6-cylinder engines offer reduced noise and exhaust emissions to meet all US EPA requirements. Power outputs from 89 - 174 hp.
(spec sheets open in a new window)
4BG1 industrial diesel engine
4BG1 Power Unit
4BG1T industrial diesel engine
4BG1T Power Unit
6BG1 industrial diesel engine
6BG1 Power Unit
6BG1T industrial diesel engine
6BG1T Power Unit

Isuzu 6RB1-TQW diesel engine

6R Series - Six-cylinder direct-injection engines designed for a variety of heavy duty applications including such construction equipment as cranes, excavators and earthmovers. Power ratings up to 324 hp.
(spec sheet opens in a new window)
6RB1T industrial diesel engine

Isuzu 6SD1T engine

6S Series - 9.8 liter, direct-injected turbo-charged engine that offers quiet operation and dependable performance. Power ratings up to 244 hp.
(spec sheet opens in a new window)
6SD1T industrial diesel engine

Isuzu standard engine warranty